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We at Inulite have been busy conceiving and developing solutions that contribute to your health & nutrition in a natural way. It is our endeavour to provide indigeneously developed innovative food ingredients for a healthier tomorrow.

Inulite Nutraceuticals Company (INC) is first company in India to develop the process of producing high quality Inulin at large scale – a mutli functional and active dietary fiber for functional foods and nutrition products. read more... With our in-house indigenously developed technology and scientific expertise we want to serve our partners with high quality ingredients to co-create products providing multiple health benefits to the end consumer.

At the time when the domestic Indian health food market is expanding, we are committed to fullfill the Gap of high quality natural food ingredients for development of smarter products with proven health benefits. INC is a fast growing entrepreneurial, green field initiative with strong financial standing and a fast growing domestic and international market for its flagship product INULITE®.

With strong belief in research and innovation based growth, we are poised to diversify further and launch 3 more products in the market (FOS - INUFOS, Inulin + Stevia - INUVIA and Animal Nutirtion - INUMORE) very soon. read more...

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Dr. Kanwar Vikas Singh Rana

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Amanmeet Garg

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Kanwar Rajeshwar Singh Rana

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Nipun Garg, Chemical Engg.

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