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UK : sugar & fibre intake recommendations modified

17 August 2015
SACN, the UK Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition has recently recommended to reduce sugar consumption to maximum 5% of daily calorie intake. This corresponds to:
-19g sugar for kids aged 4 to 6
- 24g for kids aged 7 to 10
- 30g sugar for 11 years and over
This represents a major challenge, as the recommended levels are 3 times higher than current intakes, according to the SACN report.
SACN has also called for all adults and children to increase their intake of fiber to 20g a day for children between 5 and 11, to 25g a day for teenagers between 11 and 15 and up to 30g a day for 16 years and over.
The UK government has taken the decision to implement the guidelines with immediate effect.
Such recommendations should be met through a balanced diet and consumption of fiber-rich and low sugar products.

Inulin Gets Blood Sugar Health Claim in Europe


Inulin is a soluble fiber found in rich amounts in plants such as Jerusalem artichoke, agave, and chicory. The ingredient is used for fiber fortification, but inulin also contains simple sugars known as fructooligosaccharides (FOS). These FOS allow manufacturers to repurpose inulin as a sweetening agent.

EFSA has decided that, based on provided evidence, inulin FOS can lower blood sugar spikes from foods and beverages when FOS replaces sugar. The effect is due to FOS’s resistance to absorption in the small intestine. The effect is considered beneficial for humans, especially diabetics, and will be approved as the following health claim language:


Consumption of foods/drinks containing non-digestible carbohydrates instead of sugars induces a lower blood glucose rise after meals compared to sugar-containing foods/drinks.


EFSA admits that the effect is not unique to FOS, but because supporting evidence is based on chicory inulin studies only—submitted by Beneo-Orafti SA (Oreye, Belgium), Sensus BV (Roosendaal, the Netherlands), and Cosucra-Groupe Warcoing SA (Warcoing, Belgium)—the health claim only applies to chicory-derived FOS.

EFSA’s expert panel made its decision based on three “human mechanistic studies” and three human interventions on ice cream, yogurt, and beverages formulated with FOS.



USFDA Approval for Inulin 

November 20, 2003

The FDA has stated that it has no objections to the Sensus America LLC claim that its inulin is GRAS (Submission Notice No. GRN 00018). Many of inulin's health benefits are based on its properties as a soluble, prebiotic fiber: in formulating low-carb foods, improving calcium uptake in the body and in promoting a healthy micro-flora and immune function in the colon.

The FDA also consulted with the labeling and Consumer Protection Staff of the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) of the FDA. FSIS has approved the use of inulin as a water binder, emulsifier, stabilizer and texturizer at a level between 2% and 5% in non-standardized meat food products. 




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