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Dr. Kanwar Vikas Singh Rana

Dr. Kanwar Vikas Singh Rana,  over the years he has authored 16 original research articles in leading international journals and is co-inventor in five patents of which two have been granted. The value of his work has been accentuated through more than 300 citations by scientific peers. Dr. Singh has extensive experience in development of facilities starting from the root level. He successfully developed the bioassay and biosensor development lab in the solanki nanotechnology group at PSU, Portland, Oregon USA. He also managed and supervised the Master and Doctoral studies of several students in the lab. His work was recognized at the international forum where he received TONY B Young Scientist Award form Society for Lab Automation and Screening 2010 in palm spring, California, USA.

He has a BSc and MSc with major Hons. in Biophysics from Panjab university, Chandigarh. He has extensive experience on bioassay and bio-sensor development.

He did his postdoctoral research at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland during 2006-2007 mostly augmented his research experience in inert chemical reactions, Nano chemistry synthesis and analytical assay reagent development. Later he continued his research with Prof. Raj Solanki at department of Physics, Portland State University, Oregon USA. 

Dr. Kanwar Vikas Singh has ample scientific and administrative experience in the field of chemical synthesis, process development and analytical acumen provide our company with strong technical grounds for development of quality products.

Amanmeet Garg 

Amanmeet Garg is one of the founding partners at Inulite Neurtraceuticals company, has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Punjab Engineering College (Deemed University), Chandigarh, India and a Master’s degree in Physiology and Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University, Canada. He is currently working towards his PhD in data analysis methods for early diagnosis of brain disorders including Parkinson’s disease, neurodevelopment disorders and Alzheimer''s disease with MRI imaging modalities.

He has more than 10+ years of experience in signal processing methods, human physiology, clinical data collection methods, medical imaging, MRI image analysis, machine learning methods, pattern recognition techniques. He has published many papers at international conferences and peer-reviewed journals. His vast and varied interdisciplinary and applied research experience empowers the core of Inulites'' business intelligence capability.

He contributes to the business strategy and scientific pathways for the companies vision.




Kanwar Rajeshwar Singh  Rana

Born and brought up in a small village Babyal near Ambala Cantt. Mr. R.S. Rana has shown tremendous grit in achieving success on both social as well as professional fronts. He graduated from Panjab University Chandigarh in the year 1970.

A gifted hockey player who represented his university at national level and an astute student who excelled in Modern Physics in his Master of Science course at Panjab University Chandigarh, he started his career as an employee of Haryana State Agricultural Marketing Board, Panchkula in the year 1971. During his 37 years long service, he held various positions starting from Accounts Head to Executive Officer at the for various District Head Quarters in Haryana. A stickler to discipline and timelines and a dedicated professional, he also lead from the front various committees across India to study agricultural best practices followed by various states for similar functions. He received several promotions during his tenure with HSAMB and retired from the post of EO Cum Secretary from active government service in the year 2007 finishing a long and successful career.  As EO, he proved his abilities and was instrumental in development of rural, suburban and urban market committees and Mandi’s all over Haryana.  His management style and actions are still a matter of lore in the department.

He has always been an Entrepreneur in his heart and has been the driving force for INC all along. His deep understanding of government and bureaucratic functioning along with unmatched administrative ability is bound to serve consummate growth of INC in a big way and we know for sure our finances are in safe and honest hands.....

Nipun Garg, Chemical Engg.

Mr. Nipun Garg our youngest partner is an experienced chemical engineer, a marathon runner and an enthusiastic social organizer. He completed his Chemical Engineering in 2011 from Thapar University, Patiala after being ranked amongst the top 4% aspirants that cleared the AIEEE-2007. During his studies and afterwards he worked on various projects with companies of repute in the field of chemical manufacturing including Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd, Nectar Lifesciences Ltd., Punjab Chemical & Crop Protection Ltd., Kudos Chemie Ltd, derabassi, Panjab.
Apart from an unyielding resolve to find solutions for the issue at hand he brings to the table his experience in developing process designs for single setup multiple product lines. He has ample experience in industrial setups for designing and commissioning, solvent recovery systems, capacity enhancement by engineering based better designs, scale up of production lines from pilot scale R&D inputs. He has worked on development of energy efficient systems through development of reduced steam requirement and heat recovery systems from steam condensates. He also brings experience in vacuum based operations.
He has experience in minimizing capital expenses and maximizing yields in chemical process by designing and re-engineering the downstream process parameters. An able mind with a consummate knowledge of mathematics & chemistry he is able to employ computer software’s for developing novel pathways and solutions for downstream processing in chemical manufacturing. His keen understanding of the chemical manufacturing process is a crucial asset for the company.

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